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Growlers, Squealers & Packed Beer

Squealers 32oz $8.95 – Deposit $5.25

Growlers 64oz $14.95 – Deposit $7.25

Six Packs of Pecan Amber Ale 8.75

Cases of Pecan Amber Ale 34.00

Our Beers

From our casks to your glass, Pecan Grill & Brewery offers eleven specially brewed craft beers. Brewed using only the finest hops, yeast and barley, our delectable beers range from smooth, malty lagers to hoppy IPA’s, and chocolaty stouts. We even have Pecan flavored beer, but that should come as no surprise.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.

The Pecan Grill & Brewery has won numerous awards over the years for seasonal beers that were brewed specifically for competitions nationwide.  Our most famous is the Pecan Beer which is our best seller by twice as much as any of our other offerings.  We brew “seasonal” beers on an ongoing basis and our current offering is delicious!

Come on in and ask for a sample today!!

Wines from all over the world...

Wines from all over the world...

The goal with our wine list is to provide you, the customer, a wonderful and varietal-correct wine for your enjoyment. Pecan Grill offers a selection of wines from all over the world and we are constantly tasting new vineyard selections that have been hand selected ensuring quality as our wine list grows. We invite you to ask your server about our wine by the glass program or assistance in selecting a bottle of wine to best compliment your meal.


Our Wine Steward, Thomas "Tommy" Mondragon, is also available most evenings to answer any questions you may have, or to discuss adding your favorite wine to our selection. We don’t have any ‘cheap’ wine, but we do have inexpensive and fine wine.  From the Pecan Grill family to yours we hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Pecan Grill & Brewery is the recipient of Wine Spectator Magazine's Award of Excellence in both 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016


Other Specialty Drinks


(Pineapple, Vanilla and Tequila)

Tequila infused with whole pineapples, brown sugar and

vanilla bean.

Try it solo as a shot, or in a Beached cocktail, a Peppered Pineapple or Pineapple Vanilla TequilaTini

Getting ready for an anniversary, birthday or special event? We want to make it an affair to remember... offering call ahead wine purchasing, flower arrangements and an on site bakery, our staff promises to make your experience an unforgettable one.

For details, please call 575.521.1099 and ask for Thomas "Tommy"  Mondragon.

Our Award Winning Beers

Our beers have been put through the ultimate test at the U.S. Open Beer Championship.

Gold-2015 NM State Fair - Imperial Smoked Lager

Imperial Smoked Lager is now being sold in both single and in two packs for $15 and $25, respectively, during the holidays.

Gold-2015 US Open Beer Championship-Hop N' Wheat-American Wheat Beer

Hop N' Wheat is a play on an American Wheat style of beers. Though it is brewed as such, a very large amount of cascade hops is added at the end of the boil, and then heavy dry hoping is done with Cascade and Eureka hops.

Gold-2015 State Fair Pro-Am-Anytime Lager-European Amber Lager

In the Southwest we love our cerveza, and Anytime Lager is the perfect fit for warm weather and the need for a quenchable beer. Dark amber in color, Anytime Lager is meant to be served with or without a lime wedge or poured over ice with lime juice and dressed with salt on the rim.

Gold-2015 North American Beer Awards-Gratitude Porter-Pumpkin Beer

When I was working on a recipe for a Pecan Grill Pumpkin beer, I wanted it to be one that is bold and full of dark beer flavors. Gratitude Porter is a Brown Porter base style of beer that is mashed with pumpkin puree, boiled with spices, and fermented with vanilla beans.

Gold-2015 State Fair Pro-Am-Transporter America-Wood Aged Beer

Gold-2015 NM Pro-Am-Transporter America-Wood Aged Beer

Transporter America is our original Baltic Porter named Space Porter America, but is aged in Bourbon barrels to give this killer beer an added layer of killerness.

Silver-2014 State Fair Pro-Am-Gnome Lord-Wood Aged Beer

Bronze-2015 US Open Beer Championship-Gnome Lord-Strong Ale

Bronze-2015 State Fair Pro-Am-Gnome Lord-Strong Ale

"In the beginning of my brewing, (2004), I decided to experiment with bourbon oaked strong ales and Gnome Lord is the decedent of that original endeavor. Gnome Lord is crafted as a strong ale that is brewed with molasses and brown sugar and is aged in bourbon barrels for 7 months."

- Brewmaster

Gold- 2014 State Fair Pro-Am-Space Porter America-Baltic Porter

"After over 20 trial batches and multiple adjustments with this recipe, it has become a fantastic beer and a favorite of our customers. Space Porter America is malt forward with characteristics of chocolate, black licorice and black currants."

Silver-2014 State Fair Pro-Am-Pink Saison-Spiced Beer

"I tasted this very beer at 2014 Craft Brewers Conference and told the brewer that I loved the color and taste. He gave me the recipe and after a few adjustments to my liking, I brewed it. Pink Saison is brewed with rose hips, hibiscus, and Wyeast French Saison yeast."

Gold-2014 State Fair Pro-Am-Imperial Smoked Lager-Smoked Beer

Silver-2015 State Fair Pro-Am-Imperial Smoked Lager-Smoked Beer

Gold-2016 Los Angeles International Beer Competition-Imperial Smoked Lager-Smoked Beer

"Years ago, this beer was brewed as a collaboration with two of my brewing buddies and it was such a great beer that I had to make it again. ISL is a 10% ABV dark lager that is brewed with 22% cherry wood smoked malt at 66 IBU."

Silver 2015 State Fair Pro-Am-Chilldown 575-Classic American Pilsner

"Chilldown 575 is a play on the kind of beer originally drank in the earliest days of American history. It is very light in color but packs a solid yet extremely approachable bitterness."

Bronze-2015 State Fair Pro-Am-Oktoberfest Bier-European Amber Lager

"We love our Oktoberfest Style of beers! It's the perfect session lager that packs an ample amount of maltiness with very soft caramel flavors."