Dominic Scott

Alyssa J. Salcido

Owner & Operator

Alyssa J. Salcido joined the team in July 2019. Alyssa was born and raised in Las Cruces. Her favorite color is red, She’s a Coffee addict!
She loves spending time at home with her Husband Derick.

They enjoy cooking, eating, watching sports, and playing cards. The most exciting thing in the house is “Coke VS Pepsi”. Alyssa believes success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get! Please feel free to contact Alyssa at about your visit. She enjoys hearing feedback from all guests and hopes if you see her in Pecan Grill say Hello!

Dominic Scott

Daniel Neal

General Manager

Daniel was born in Las Cruces on February 9th, which makes him an Aquarius.

He’s a “lifer” at Pecan Grill & Brewery. He started when the establishment opened.

Daniel’s favorite thing about working at Pecan Grill are the different environments that are offered, like the patio, tap room, dinning room etc.

The most surprising thing to Daniel is that he is good at making people laugh.

His favorite food and beverage are gorditas, blackberry tea and beer. Daniel’s hobbies are video games, reading and cooking.

He doesn’t have any pets at this time and is looking for a good dog. His favorite colors are blue, green and brown.

A lesson that Daniel lives by is “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” If he did any crazy things he would need to have a few drinks first.

Dominic Scott

Elijah Albrecht

Sr. Kitchen Lead

Elijah was born July 7, 1997 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, however he has lived in Las Cruces for the majority of his life. Some of his joys include, skateboarding, music, and dogs.

One day he hopes to own and operate his own farm and grow delicious produce. He is a proud puppy parent to two dogs Jack, a beagle, and Duke, a mystery. His favorite dish at Pecan Grill is the build your own brunch omelet. After a days work he like to enjoy a scotch whiskey on the rocks! He is happy to serve hot meals to the masses and proud to do it at pecan grill.

Dominic Scott

Tom and Jeanine Springer

Developers, Members & Owners

Tom and Jeanine Springer met in the town of Farmington, NM. Married now for 40 years, they are parents to daughters Ashley and Jessie Springer.

Together, they are a phenomenal team and the backbone to the management staff at the Pecan Grill. Both are avid outdoors-men, and Jeanine enjoys spending all of her free time with her horse Notchie.